The nerve centre of all WALTERVOULAZ creations is Grandate, in the province of Como, where the company moved in 1997. Here all the stages of the production process are developed, ensuring the product's top quality, a fundamental value for the brand.
In this context,"style and research "combine with fabrics and dedicated techniques; varying cultures, ideas and exceptional professional skills meet and intertwine.

The staff works on every Collection project and, a few seasons ago, even added natural interpretations of the product, which have now translated into new dresses, shirt-dresses and loose-fittings mocks.

WALTERVOULAZ represents to day a well-consolidated enterprise, committed to strengthening its position. The firm looks to the future with enthusiasm, setting goals and pursuing them with vigour.

The recent investments, on the commercial front with the opening of a dedicated Showroom and the first single-brand Boutique in Milan, and as well as in the field of research and material experimentation,represent the natural evolution of a corporate project which has proved its effectiveness, becoming a paramount brand in high-end fashion.

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